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Water: The Source of Life!

The climate I live in is classified as a “semi-arid desert.” It’s very dry! Just under a mile above sea level, the air is thin and people, mostly visitors, begin to show signs of “Mountain […]

The Importance of Dreams in Resolving Stress

In this day and age, its surprising how little attention we pay to the power and wisdom of the unconscious mind. Experts remind us that about 85% of our behaviors are driven by the unconscious […]

Did Someone Say, “ Mental Health Day?”

Having a routine offers stability in a typically frenetic day. Routines offer structure so we don’t feel like we are adrift in the open sea of life. As children we rely on routines for emotional, […]

Time to Tickle the Funny Bone

There is nothing funny about being laid off, losing half of your retirement in the stock market or having your whole world crumble beneath your feet, but if you talk to anybody who’s been through […]

Friends in Need: The Buffer Theory

There are many effective coping techniques for stress, but one that surfaces time and time again is the one called social support networks (known more commonly to you and me as “friends.”) In this day […]

Food As A Stress Pacifier?

For ten years I taught a course titled, Nutrition, Health and Performance at the University of Colorado-Boulder. I had studied nutrition in graduate school, but boy, did I really learn about this topic when I […]

These Days of Sensory Bombardment

Never in the history of humanity are people being bombarded with so much information… and advertising from every direction of technology. Some estimates suggest that on average we are exposed to as much as 3,000+ […]

Two Brains are Best With Stress

Split-brain research is so well known, the concepts of right-brain and left-brain thinking can practically be found on the back of cereal boxes today. Here is what you don’t hear that often about right brain […]

Shoes, Feet and the Art of Happiness

This time of economic meltdown gives one pause for thought about how we have lived (before the meltdown) and how we need to change our behaviors in this rapidly changing world. Many experts are blaming […]


Hi and welcome to “Stressfully Speaking,” a regular blog column on the topic of stress, stress management, balance and achieving inner peace in these turbulent times we are living in. There is no doubt we […]