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Good Stress (The Other Kind of Stress)

Distress gets its share of headline news these days, yet there is another kind of stress worthy of attention: Eustress (also known as good stress). Renowned psychologist, Abraham Maslow called this kind of stress “peak […]

The Stress and Disease Connection (Part 1)

The association between stress and disease is colossal! The current estimate, by several researchers (and energy healers), suggests that as much as 85% of disease and illness is not only associated with stress—there is a […]

A Good Night’s Sleep

Even before the economic collapse last fall, people were having a tough time getting a good habitual night’s sleep. Various research studies indicate that perhaps as much as 60-65% of Americans are sleep deprived on […]

Every Day is EARTH DAY

April 22 marks a special day in our earthly calendar; a day to renew our relationship with the planet. Earth day means many things to many people, but as we see the realization of a […]

The Art of Forgiveness

It’s hard to believe that the Columbine High School shootings took place ten years ago. At times it seems like it occured yesterday. That catastrophic event was the epitome of stress for scores of people […]

The Art of Gratitude

These times of economic stress may seem like a black cloud over one’s head, but in truth we always have much to be thankful for. A friend whose husband left her and her four children […]

Self-Esteem: The Backbone of Good Stress Management

It’s been said that when our self-esteem is high, problems simply roll off our backs. When self-esteem is low, we are a “bulls-eye target” for stress. Self-esteem has many definitions, mostly regarding how we value […]

The Myth of Multitasking

Man crashes commuter train while text-messaging a friend. Woman kills little girl riding her bike while talking on cell phone driving. Teen crashing car while text-messaging. These facts are rather startling and they underscore the […]

Circadian Rhythms: Time To Reset Your Body Clock!

It would stand to reason that living on a planet that takes approximately 24 hours to spin around its axis, our bodies would adapt to this planetary/solar clock. In fact, scientists have a name for […]

Good Vibrations!

A stress study conducted by the Mitchum Deodorant company years ago found that more people site “listing to music” as their premier way to relax more so than any other technique and although this study […]

Come On Out and Play!

The Puritan Ethic has a very strong grip of the American culture, well after it was brought over from England centuries ago. “Worth =Work” may not appear on bumper stickers, but a great many people […]

Respond, Don’t React!

Respond, don’t react is a useful mantra (a living reminder) I teach at the start of my stress management classes. Under stress we tend to be in some level of survival mode. The primary two […]