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Stress and the Human Spirit

Stress doesn’t just affect the body, it affects all aspects of our being (mind, body, spirit and emotions). Perhaps because it’s hard to measure, the human spirit often gets neglected in stress management programs, which […]

Mountains and Molehills: Stop It!

We’ve all done it….taken a simple problem and turned it into a catastrophe, letting it build bigger and bigger in the depths of our minds. Fear builds upon fear and soon what was once a […]

Anger Management: A closer look

Every episode of anger (fight of the fight or flight respones) is the result of unmet expectations. You may have noticed that there is a lot of anger out there in the world these days. […]

Fight, Flight or Delight

The “fight or flight response” is a wonderful dynamic for physical survival. In the face of physical danger, the fight (anger) or flight (fear) response; also known as the “stress response,” sounds the alarm for […]

Antiodidants to the Rescue!

There are many types of stress. While much attention is placed on emotional stress these days, there are environmental stressors one should not ignore, specifically free radicals. In simplest terms, free radicals are oxygen molecules […]

Financial Stress! Join the Club

If you have stress about your finances… sadly, you’re in good company. To be honest, stress and money (or the lack of it) have been closely associated since the first coin was minted thousands of […]

Establishing Healthy Boundaries

One cannot address the issues of stress without looking closely at the concept of healthy boundaries, and sadly, there seems to be a dearth of healthy boundaries in the American culture today. This, in turn, […]

Domesticate Your Ego!

Where there is stress, the ego is not far behind! Your ego is necessary for survival, afterall… it’s the ego that pulls the alarm for “fight or flight” when you are in physical danger. Metaphorically […]

The Healing Power of Nature

There is a good reason why people head to the beaches or the mountains for vacation; being in nature is a great elixir for stress. Oceans, mountains and cathedral forests tend to dwarf our problems […]

Coping Technique 101: Information Seeking

Fear of the unknown can cause a lot of stress and in a rapidly changing world there is A LOT of uncertainty (e.g., the economy, job security or lack thereof, etc.) When the emotional stress […]

Physical Exercise: The Great Neutralizer

Fact: Physical exercise is stress! Specifically, exercise is the manifestation of the stress response. Metabolically speaking, aerobic exercise is the flight response, whereas anaerobic exercise is similar to the fight response. Just as the heart […]