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Heat, Anger & Appetite

Police staff have known for decades that aggression-based (violent) crimes increase dramatically in the hot summer months. The burning question is this: Why? Are summer months more stressful than the period of snow covered skies? […]

Go for the Peak Experience!

Not all stress is bad! Experts in the field of stress management often refer to Eustress as “The good stress.” Eustress (the prefix “eu” means pleasant or good, like that found in the words euphoria, […]

A Change Would Do You Good!

There is a light bulb joke that goes like this: How many psychologists does it take to change a light bulb? Answer: One… but the light bulb has REALLY got to want to change. Changing […]

Man’s Best Friends Indeed!

Research studies show that people who own pets (primarily cats and dogs) are less stressed than non-pet owners. Specifically, they have lower resting heart rate and blood pressure measurements than those who don’t. Interestingly, people […]

Purpose and Meaing in Life

A statistic made the news several years ago and every now and then surfaces again in the media (I first heard of this insight from my friend, colleague and mentor, Larry Dossey, M.D.). More people […]

Let Food Be Your Medicine

Emotional stress may be a HUGE problem in the world today, but we should not forget about other stressors that also effect our health, many of which we have some control over, such as the […]

Stress and Bodywork

The number one symptom of stress is muscle tension. Muscle tension doesn’t put people in the hospital (what does tends to be problems with the GI tract since it is so heavily innervated with nerves—resulting […]

Stress and Altruism

Moments of stress can prove to be pretty selfish because the ego directs all attention toward the self and then often magnifies things out of proportion. As bad as we might have it, there is […]

Spoiled Brats & Healthy Boundaries With Grief

We have it really good in this country, but to listen to people talk you might never know it. To be honest, we are a bunch of spoiled brats (also known as the “Entitlement Generation!”)With […]