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Vacation Time

Brian Luke Seaward is away on vacation and will return after Labor Day (Sept 8th) to continue the Stressfully Speaking Blog. Enjoy the rest of summer and see you upon my return.Peace and Best wishes,BLS

Stress and Bioavailability of Food Nutrients

Nutrition plays a HUGE role in our health and the connection between what we eat in times of stress cannot be ignored. A news item highlighted on NPR’s morning edition this morning drew attention to […]

Social Suppport: Friends in Need

Once again research has proved what we have known intuitively all along. A now famous study by David Spiegel regarding support groups and breast cancer patients revealed that those people who had friends to turn […]

The Hero’s Journey

Joseph Campbell’s body of work into the field of mythology is very relevant to the topic of stress. Through stories, fables and myths in all cultures, Campbell noted a trend in the storyline; a concept […]

Stress and Creative Problem Solving

Chronic stress can make one feel like a slave to one’s emotions, often promoting a sense of immobilization. Sadly, this only tends to produce more stress, resulting in a downward spiral of negativity. There is […]

Stress and Stress Vitamins

The stress response initiates a series of metabolic processes for physical survival (fight or flight). Vitamins are essential nutrients for cell metabolism that the body cannot produce on it’s own so they must be taken […]

Stress and Color Therapy

The stimulation of various colors each has a dramatic an impact, not only on our thoughts, but our moods as well. Some colors make us feel anxious, while other colors make us feel relaxed and […]

Stress and High Blood Pressure

In a resting state about 80% of the blood in our body resides in the gastro-intestinal tract. The remaining 20% circulates throughout the body to keep cells nourished with nutrients and oxygen. Under stress, the […]

Standard of Living vs Quality of Life

With an ever growing curious ear toward comments about human behavior and the shape of the world today, the word “sustainability” comes up a lot, whether its on NPR news shows, conferences about mind-body-spirit healing, […]