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Embrace the Mystery!

The definition I like best for the term “wellness” is this: The integration, balance and harmony of mind, body, spirit, and emotions where the whole is always greater than the sum of the parts. The […]

Jung and Restless

One cannot address the issue of stress without acknowledging the unconscious mind. After all, the unconscious mind comprises a great percentage of the total mind. One person who devoted his career to the study of […]

Stress & Information Seeking

In times of trouble, we often seek help to alleviate our stress. This ageless coping technique goes by a name: Information Seeking and the self-help book industry had made a fortune off of this technique! […]

Black, White and Stress

There is great comfort in facts and figures. There is uncertainty in the unknown, which often elicits apprehension. In stress management circles this is also known as “the fear of the unknown.” But facts change […]

A Change Would Do You Good!

The words “stress” and “change” are often used synonymously, because by and large, people don’t like change. One definition of stress (and there are several) suggests that “Stress is any change that you encounter in […]

Be In This World… But Not Of It!

Stress has always been part of the human landscape, but it appears that the rate of change today is fast and furious making stress a greater presence in everyone’s lives. A catalyst for stress is […]