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Name Your Joy! Live Your Joy!

A friend and colleague of mine is a massage therapist in the Midwest. She begins each massage therapy session by touching the shoulder of her client and asking a statement: Name your joy! When she […]

Stress, Breast Cancer and the Wired Bra

Here is a fact that you may not be aware of: While the heart is the pump for the circulatory system, the lymphatic system has no pump to circulate the family of white blood cells […]

Did You Get Your Quota of Laughs today?

Why is laughter thought to be healing? Glad you asked! Research studies have revealed that laughter tends to decrease resting heart rate, resting blood pressure and muscle tension (muscle tension is THE # symptom of […]

Water and Stress: Things You Should Know

Water is called the “essential nutrient” because we cannot live without it very long (some say a matter of days). Dehydration is a stress to the body. So is contaminated water that we drink out […]

Healthy Boundaries Revisited

I had the pleasure of attending a dinner party at the house of a friend over the weekend and met some really neat people. Topics of conversation included everything from the latest movies to the […]

Stress and The Immune System

With all the news about Swine Flu these days it’s a good time to revisit the concept of stress and the immune system because not only are we approaching the flu season, we are approaching […]

Laughter IS the Best Medicine

In time of stress, laughter can help balance one’s scale of emotions, if only temporarily. Today I have opted to cut to the chase, dispensing with theory and going straight for the application. Hope you […]

Stress and Positive Affirmations

We have all heard of the concept of positive thinking and the story of Pollyanna. There is MUCH merit to the power of positive thoughts. Lance Armstrong didn’t win the Tour de France repeatedly by […]

The Virtue of Patience

Have you noticed how impatient people seem today? Everything is rush, rush, rush. I just returned from a trip to the Caribbean (doing some last filming for my documentary on the healing power of nature). […]