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Monday Morning Humor

Nothing like starting off the post-holiday week with a smile (or two) on your face to relive the onslaught of the Christmas season. Once again we have opted to skip the theory today and go […]

Raindrops on Roses

Today is a symbolic day of giving thanks, of showing appreciation and giving praise to all things that mean something important to us. We, of the western world and of American citizenship, take so much […]

Love Heals

Norman Cousins, the guy who put humor on the map as a healing modality back in the 60’s, walked up to the podium mic at one of his last talks and said this: “I never […]

Fiscal Fragility

How much money do you have in your savings account these days? Perhaps the question is, DO you have a savings account these days? Several stories on NPR this week have held a spotlight to […]

Tribute to a Beautiful Soul

Since I was a little boy, I found reading biographies and autobiographies to be very inspiring. One of THE most inspiring books I have ever read was written by a women named Nien Cheng. Her […]

The Healing Power of Prayer

One definition of stress goes like this: “Stress is a perceived disconnection from our divine source.” Some call this a “bad hair day” while others (with more stress) call it “The day from hell.” Indeed, […]

Friends in Need, Indeed!

Of all the coping techniques known to diffuse stress, what rises to the top of the list is the one called “support groups.” It’s the reason why jokes are more funny when shared. It’s the […]

Stress and Complementary Medicine

First, you should know that there are over 600 modalities of complementary (alternative) medicine; everything from acupuncture to zero balancing, and a whole lot in between. Second, the purpose of these healing modalities is quite […]

To the Health of Intestinal Flora!

As we begin the season of colds and flues, with hand sanitizers being as common as Starbucks these days, I thought it was important to remind people that not all bacteria is bad! In fact, […]