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Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays and seasons best from Brian Luke Seaward and the staff of Inspiration Unlimited and the Paramount Wellness Institute. We look forward to having you join us again in January as we begin our […]

Holiday Stress Survival 101

As we enter the home stretch of the 2009 holiday season, now is the time to step back (again) take a deep breath and regroup! The holiday season is considered one of THE most stressful […]

Stress and Victimhood

There are two ways to get through a situation of stress. The first is as a victim (also known in the field of psychology as “victimization” or “victim consciousness.”) There are many self-proclaimed victims in […]

Earth Summit in Copenhagen

The words “stress” and “change” are often used synonymously. Perhaps nowhere are these two words use with such frequency as they have been last week and this week in Copenhagen. World leaders, scientists, environmentalists and […]

Stress and Diabetes

I just returned from Anchorage, Alaska, where I attended and spoke at a diabetes conference. While there is no scientific evidence that stress causes diabetes, this we do know: Stress certainly exacerbates blood sugar levels. […]

Nature and Stress

Several years ago, a study revealed that hospital patients who have a view of trees (and perhaps other aspects of the natural world) seem to recover sooner and are discharged earlier than those who didn’t […]