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The Trouble With Fish

If you haven’t heard, our oceans are not as plentiful with fish as they once were many years ago. In fact, many populations of fish are nearly decimated due to over-fishing. As a fan of […]

Stress and Stupidity

Stress can bring out the worst in people, as exhibited by the inappropriate comments of Pat Robertson regarding the plight of the Haitian people after the devastating earthquake last week. The following is a reply […]

A Smile is Your Umbrella in Stressful Times

When the chips are down, you have a secret weapon… your smile. Research shows that a smile can disarm the harshest critic. Research also reveales that when store clerks smile at their customers, they are […]

Lipids: Fat is Where It’s At!

Some foods, or lack thereof, can be a stress to the body. Let’s take the nutrient fat, for example. There are two kinds of fats that your body cannot make. These are called essentials fats […]

Bitch, Moan & Whine?

When people get stressed they tend to bitch, moan and whine—A lot! America, it seems, has become a nation of whiners (A bumper sticker in Boulder reads: Stop Global Whining!) It’s OK to complain every […]

Alone, But Not Lonely

People today have an urgent, if not compulsive, need to stay connected with others. This may explain the perpetual use of cell phones and constant updates on Facebook and Twitter. Being connected and having a […]

Carpe Diem…Seize the Day!

Having just received word recently that a good friend of mine has stage 3 cancer, gave pause for thought. Hearing news like this brings up several thoughts and emotions actually, including facing one’s own mortality. […]

Let the Banker Beware!

There is a lot of stress around money these days (perhaps there always has been), but since Congress tightened the regulations of credit card companies last year, banks (many of which are in trouble financially) […]

The Art of Happiness

New beginnings start with a fresh attitude. What does it take to be happy? The answer isn’t money. Nor is it material possessions, family or lots of friends. First and foremost, happiness begins with a […]