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Stress and the Use of Credit Cards

Today new credit card rules go into effect and these will definitely impact all of us (for the better?), at least until these banks connive new ways to extract your hard earned money. Experts predict […]

Stress and the Addictive Process

Experts tell us that there are two kinds of addictions: Substance addictions and process addictions. Substance addictions include drugs and alcohol. Process addictions involve repeated behaviors and the list is nearly endless: eating, gambling, sex, […]

Abraham Maslow Revisited

Think back, for a moment, to your Psych 101 class regarding human behavior. While many experts in this emerging field were looking at the dark side of human nature, one individual decided to look at […]

Bio-ecological Stress: Mercury Rising

Having just watched the documentary movie, THE COVE (a movie I highly recommend everyone watch), I was inspired to watch some of the DVD extras afterward. One special feature was a short movie called “Mercury […]

Stressed? Try the Credit Card Fast:

Are you, like many people, addicted to spending money? FYI: Retail therapy may be a form of mismanaged anger. How much money do you have saved up for emergencies? Is money (or the lack of […]

Personal Power: Don’t Give it Away

One of the primary components of self-esteem is the concept of empowerment. The word “empowerment” is often overused, but in essence, it means this: Capitalizing on your inner strengths for inner balance. Stress can magnify […]

You know You’re Stressed When…

Misery loves company, the expression goes… so, often in workshops, I help people find humor in their dark times by having them exaggerate (humor therapy) their plights:Here are some of the funniest ones:• You know […]