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Stress and Cancer

Is there a connection between stress and cancer? A quick look into the research on stress physiology suggests that the relationship is more than a simple correlation. While there are many neuro-chemicals in the stress […]

Simplicity vs. Complexity

One of the tenants taught for effective stress management skills is the concept of simplicity (known in the business world as the KISS principle; “Keep it simple, stupid!”) Perhaps its human nature, but we tend […]

Stress and Diabetes

It’s no secret that diabetes (specifically, Type II Diabetes) is on the rise in America, much to the dismay of many health experts. Type II Diabetes is considered a lifestyle disease, and as such is […]

The Balance of Life

The spring equinox (when sunlight and darkness share equal time on the planet) is a metaphorical reminder for us to strive for balance in our lives as well. I was once asked on a national […]

Mental Health Day

After a wildly successful (and sold out) screening of Earth Songs on Wednesday night (and thanks to everyone who attended), I have declared today a mental health day (I am going skiing!) I’ll be back […]

Michael Pollan’s Food Rules

American woke up to the fact that our food supply in this country is abysmal upon the publication of the book, The Omnivores’ Dilemma, by Michael Pollan. People were so frustrated by the contents of […]

A Good Night’s Sleep Revisited: Good Sleep Hygiene

Do you have a problem getting a good night’s sleep? If so, you are not alone. Millions of Americans currently suffer from poor sleep quality, also known as insomnia. Stress is the biggest factor associated […]

Monday Morning Humor

What better way to start off the week (and month) than with a few laughs to lighten the load of potential stress. Today, once again, we skip the theory and go straight for the application. […]