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Holiday in Turkey

My best selling book, Stand Like Mountain, Flow Like Water, was translated into Turkish last year. Early in January I was invited by the Amity Turkish Cultural Center in Jacksonville, FL to join a group […]

Freud and The Power of Denial

It’s an old joke, but perhaps worth repeating. Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt! Freud spent decades observing people’s thoughts and came up with a long list of what he called “defense mechanisms,” the […]

Learn to Take Yourself Lightly

It’s admirable to be “driven” with work, even pleasure at times. Yet a serious demeanor in all situations eventually becomes a noose around one’s own neck. The ego’s role is that of protector, yet in […]

Thursday Morning Humor

Once again we have decided to skip the theory and go straight for the application with some jokes for today. Enjoy! One Day at the Pearly GatesSt. Mark has been guarding the Pearly Gates for […]

How Sweet it Is!

What do you get when you combine two specific amino acids (protein structures) together? In one special combination you get an incredibly sweet taste, 100 times sweeter than sugar—more taste with less calories, Who Knew? […]

2012, Stress and New Beginnings

There is much buzz in a great many social circles that the world is coming to an end, and soon. NOT! This news is nothing new. For thousands of years people have been forecasting the […]

Stress and The Art of Worrying

The present moment is a gift that few people choose to open. Instead they dwell on the past or the future. The past brings with it feelings of guilt for things we did or perhaps […]

Stress and TMJ

Dentists are noticing an alarming increase these days in people who are grinding (gnashing) their teeth. The medical term is called “tempro-mandibular joint dysfunction” (TMJ or TMJD). Most people who have TMJ don’t even know […]

Stress and ELFs: The Trouble With Cell Phones

It is commonly known among scientists that energy is measured by vibrations per second (also known as Hertz or Hz). Various energies of the body can be measured in Hz as well, including brain waves […]