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From A Distance

Sometimes… we become some myopic about our problems, so much so, that we cannot see anything else BUT the problem. Narrow vision, tunnel vision and blind spots are terms used to describe people who stay […]

Top of the Mornin’ to ya!

The Spirit of Ireland Adventure begins June 16th and we who are traveling across the Atlantic are so excited. I will facilitating a Celtic Spirituality workshop on the Emerald Isle till the end of June […]

Quit the Addiction!

Pictured above are three white substances that Americans have a voracious addiction to: Sugar, bleached flour and salt. This, along with coffee, have become the four major food groups in the American diet (smile). Nutritionists […]

Tolerance & Acceptance

Metaphorically speaking, we all have buttons of the emotional kind, and not a day goes by that these buttons don’t get pushed by someone or something. Having your buttons “pushed” is a euphemism for getting […]

Inner Peace, World Peace

What does it take to obtain world peace? This is THE million dollar question! This very question was posed to myself and a group of citizen diplomats invited to Turkey last month. We were invited […]