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Sarcasm: To Tear Flesh!

Humor is a great way to reduce stress, but there is one type of humor you should avoid at all costs; sarcasm. If you were to look up the word sarcasm in the dictionary, you […]

A Random Lesson From Katy

Katy is a dear, lifelong friend of mine from my college days at the University of Maine (Orono). Every now and then we get together for a weekend visit. These weekends are always memorable, but […]

The Better Side of Media

This weekend, in a small village about an hour north of New York City, a conference will take place that honors television, video and cinema and the people who use these media in an effort […]

Making Amends!

A friend called me the other day and began the conversation with an apology. It caught me by surprise, perhaps because I couldn’t remember the incident in question. It didn’t take long to realize that […]

Fall Equinox’s Message: Life in the Balance

As we approach the fall equinox tomorrow, it’s a good time to stop and reflect on the concept of balance; specifically inner balance. Inner balance is a metaphor for homeostasis: that which unites mind, body […]

The Age of Civility… or the Lack Thereof…

Experts in the field of sociology are worried about the downward spiral of human civility. Their concern in not about the drug wars fought on the Mexican US borders or the Taliban problems in Afghanistan. […]

Slow Down: Join the Movement!

Does it seem like the pace of life is speeding up? If you say “yes,” you are not alone. This appears not to be simply an American phenomenon, as people all over the world have […]

Fresh Fruit for the Soul

The banana is the most commonly consumed fruit in the US and even then we don’t eat all that many. By and large, Americans don’t eat that much fruit all. When I taught nutrition at […]

Irony and Comic Relief

There are many reasons why we laugh and smile, and to be honest, we don’t laugh enough (the suggested quota is 15 laughs per day for optimal health). To complicate things, there are many different […]