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2010 Holiday Stress Survival

Long lines at the post office. Long lines at the checkout stands. Lines to get groped at airport security (it’s true, I was groped last week, AFTER the x-ray scan, no less!) Everybody is in […]

It’s All About Me: The Age of Narcissism

Consider these facts: Today anyone can publish their own book, post countless updates on Facebook, record their own song, post their own blog, produce their own movie and gain worldwide attention, if not millions of […]

Soothing a Savage Breast

Music has an incredible means to calm the nerves. We don’t take in sounds solely through our eardrums. We absorb sound through our entire body, every inch of it. Our body is, itself, a drum. […]

Walk Gracefully Through the Valley of Death

A friend called me other day to tell me he has cancer; prostate cancer to be exact. The news came as quite a surprise to him. Young, strong and fit he is determined to beat […]

Healthy Fiscal Boundaries

Consider this fact: One third of Americans say that it takes nearly all year to clear the credit card debt from the previous year’s Christmas shopping. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out something […]