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Light Pollution and Sleep

The cover story of the National Geographic magazine several months ago was cause for alarm. Not only does cit night light block our view from the stars and cause havoc with migrating birds, it affects […]

Stress & The Dangers of Cell Phone Use

Did you ever hear about the numbers of policemen who contracted testicular cancer from the use of radar guns to catch speeders? It’s true. Radiation from these “guns” caused big problems. Years ago, Dr. Robert […]

1,000 Things Went Right Today!

It is very easy to dwell on the negative. The ego loves to find fault within and without. Negativism abounds everywhere in the form of complaining and whining these days. Perpetual negativism quickly becomes a […]

Vitamin H: Humor Therapy:

Once again, we will skip the theory and move straight to the application for today. Enjoy: Since seniors are texting and tweeting more and more there appears to be a need for a STC (Senior […]

Ireland Calling: 2011 Trip to the Emerald Isle

Ireland is a country rich in culture, history and music, yet there is a mystical essence that cannot be described in words. It must be felt in the heart through the landscape, the music, the […]

Stress & Memory

Have you noticed how easy it is to forget things these days? When the mind is overwhelmed with sensory stimulation (and these days, who’s isn’t?) short term memory is compromised, sometimes greatly! Simply stated, everybody, […]

Practice The Golden Rule

Love your neighbor as yourself. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Treat others as you wish to be treated. Bestow compassion on all individuals. The Golden Rule is considered to […]

Food Energy: Is Your Food Really Dead?

I was over at a friend’s house one evening for dinner and the topic of food preparation came up. It was noted how much of our food is “processed” these days. Someone made a comment […]

Detachment: Cutting Your Losses

Wisdom keepers the world over remind us to detach from our expectations. Many words or phrases are used to encourage us to practice this ageless wisdom: release, cleanse, let go, detach, and cut your losses. […]

New Beginnings: Two Steps Forward

It’s natural to want to make improvements, if not major corrections, in our lives. The climb for self-improvement to reach our highest potential is as old as time itself. Making changes is not always easy, […]