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Chew Yer Food!

There is an epidemic of heartburn these days, and although on one hand, there is much to be upset about, the source of this health problem is found within. While there are many causes of […]

The Art of Subtraction: Good Time Management Skills

With the waves of technology hitting our personal shores there are so many things that can “steal” our attention and precious time. Yes, it’s fun to see what’s been posted on YouTube or Facebook. Yes, […]

Lyme Disease and Stress

On a recent trip to Burlington, Vermont, I happen to reunite with a friend I hadn’t seen in about 20 years. After smiles and a bear hug, we sat down to talk and got caught […]

Thursday Morning Humor

In a stress filled world, people can take themselves WAY too seriously. Every now and then it’s important to add some humor to the mix and lighten one’s emotional load. Here are some jokes to […]

Earth Songs Documentary Wins Award

I am elated to announce that Earth Songs received the Award of Excellence at the Indie Fest of 2010. The statue arrived in the mail today. Much better than a statue, however, are some of […]

Love From A Distance

During dinner with a good friend of mine last week, the conversation turned to her family. I was quickly briefed on the status of her three grown stepchildren, the youngest of whom has serious anger […]

Empowerment: Don’t Give Your Power Away

Athletes, movie stars, debutantes, politicians. We live in a celebrity culture where names and faces repeatedly grab the headlines, often as a distraction from more important news. An interesting poll was taken recently of young […]

Name Your Joy!

Calamta Olives on pesto cover pasta. Sharing a great conversation with close friends. Walking the beach at Hanalei bay, Kauai. Surfing the waves in Hawaii’s north shore! The scent of balsam pine needles. An early […]