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Stress, Addictions and Human Behavior

Dear Blog fans… I am having many problems (but no stress) with posting the blog today and I don’t know how to fix things… so below is what I was able to salvage…my apologies. • […]

Addictions, Stress and Human Behavior

Several years ago I taught a graduate course called behavioral medicine where we focused a fair amount of attention on the addiction process. As it turns out, there are two kinds of addictions: Chemical addictions […]

To Tell The Truth!

It’s fear that causes us to lie. Simply stated, the ego feels insecure about the course of our actions (often motivated by fear). So… to avoid embarrassment, we bend the truth, tell a white lie, […]

Feet Are Made for Walking

We often take our feet for granted, but today, take time to thank your feet for all the support they have given you over the years. Decades ago, people spent far more time investing in […]

Stress and Stimulation Threshold

One of the tenants of psychology is the concept called the Yerkes-Dodson Law or curve. With performance on the bottom and arousal on the left, the graph showed that arousal can and will increase performance […]

Stress and Cancer

Just the other day I read that in the year 1908, it was estimated that one out of every 8,000 people came down with cancer. Today, the stats indicate that one out of every four […]

The Power of a Circle

In the land renowned for its pyramids, I heard the other day that people in Egypt are gathering together in circles to discuss the formation of a new government. The circle is known the world […]

Eat Walk Meditate: Join Us For A Trip to Tuscany!

Have you ever dreamed of basking under the rays of the Tuscan sun (if you have seen the movie staring Diane Lane, then the answer is YES!) Well…our trip to Ireland last year was so […]

Stress & Diabetes

There is an epidemic of Type II diabetes in our culture and perhaps by no coincidence, there is an epidemic of stress as well. While lifestyle habits (diet and the lack of exercise) are often […]

The Art of Leadership

Having just returned from Lansing, Michigan where I was invited to make a presentation at Michigan State University on the topic on The Call to Leadership, I felt inspired to share some insights from this […]