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Fresh Fish Anyone? A Problem With Our Oceans

These days, stress seems to affect everything, not the least of which are our oceans. A recent cover story on TIME magazine titled The Future of Fish was anything but reassuring. Our demand for fish […]

In Remembrance:

Today, we honor the dead and wounded of last week’s horrible andsenseless act of violence in Oslo, Norway. Please keep these people inyour heart with thoughts and prayers in this stressful time of grieving. Thank […]

A Time for Heroes…The Hero’s Journey Revisited….

With all the problems in the world today, perhaps the popularity of superhero movies is to be expected. Harry Potter, Thor, X-Men… like millions of others, I went to the movie theater last weekend to […]

Relationships: Reflections or Projections?

Freud was right about his concept of defense mechanisms! The sensitive ego has many strategies to minimize pain, not the least of which is to project one’s thoughts and feelings onto others; realizations that we […]

Fresh Fish Anyone: A Problem with our Oceans

Stress Tip for The Day: Links/Books/Movies Worth Noting:It’s not good news about the ocean fisheries, but here is some more information to understand the bigger picture Quote for the Day:“In the hands of an able […]

Technology: Master or Servant?

I can recall Walter Cronkite telling his TV audience decades ago that technology, in the years to come, was going to simplify peoples lives to the extent that Americans would have oodles of leisure time. […]

Defining Moments

If you were asked to use one word or term to define yourself, you may give a look of frustration. Most of us would say this nearly impossible to do (e.g., father, artist, husband, brother, […]

Trust the Universe!

Free will or fate? This question rivals the “nature or nurture” argument regarding how much control do we actually have in our lives. With free will, we have all the control, and all the blame. […]

Mediterranean Diet, Anyone?

The first thing you notice when you walk into a European Market is how fresh the food is. Food items aren’t wrapped in plastic or tucked away in cardboard boxes behind frosted glass freezers. Olives […]

The New Normal?

Listening to the news as I do, I hear a phrase used with great regularity, “The New Normal.” The phrase begs two questions, What’s normal? and what’s changed since the old normal? Certainly, the influx […]