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Under A Tuscan Sun: Lessons on life from Italy!

Greetings from Tuscany! Today’s blog entry comes to you from Pienza, Italy; a land where people really know how to live! And manage stress. The pace of life here is comfortable. People don’t know the […]

Time To Meditate

If you have ever tried to keep up with all the daily postings on Facebook, if you have ever tried to surf the internet and find yourself getting sucked into the vast web of content, […]

Success is:

What is success? The answer appears to vary from person to person, country to country, and age to age. Some see success as having lots of money or possessions (he who dies with the most […]

The Body as a Temple

Many cultures around the world speak of the body as a temple, a sacred place in which we inhabit. This universal message speaks to the inherent connection between body and spirit, for the wisdom keepers […]

Join Us for a Relaxing Autumn Weekend in New England!

Dear Friends, Fans and Colleagues,The renowned Kripalu Yoga Center in Lennox, MA has invited me to do a weekend retreat Oct 28-30th based on my bestselling book, Stand Like Mountain, Flow Like Water. If you […]

Stress and the Daily Email Avalanche

Unless you don’t have an email address (and if so, you can stop reading now) you are not immune from the onslaught of emails and Facebook notifications that appear daily in your inbox. The onslaught […]

The Importance of Fiber

While visiting a friend in Aspen a few weeks ago, the topic of diet came up over dinner. Have you heard of the book, The China Study, I was asked? The book explores the eating […]

Stress and The Art of Creative Problem Solving

I watched with interest and curiosity as a friend became incrediblyworked-up over a software malfunction. In what could have been an easy solution soon became a series of frustrating tech support phone calls (lasting days), […]