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Honesty IS the Best Policy

Why do people lie? Perhaps every reason can come down to one: FEAR; trying to protect ourselves from some perceived danger (real or imagined). So great are the dangers of lying that one of the […]

Like Water for Chocolate: Cooking With Love

In a conversation with a good friend the other day, the subject of food came up. Not merely just good quality food, but the preparation of food. Not the avoidance of Teflon (though this is […]

A Meaningful Purpose and Health

Current research reveals what intuition has suggested all along: Those people who have discovered and engaged in a meaningful purpose in life tend to live longer and for that matter, healthier lives. Conversely, those people […]

Malnutrition in America

When you hear the world malnutrition, images of starving young children in Africa typically come to mind. In the richest country in the world, however, the word malnutrition takes on an entirely different meaning: Empty […]

Embrace Your Shadow

We all have a dark side. A side of us that is less than flattering. A side of us that can be rude, even offensive, and most definitely one that shows prejudice. This dark side […]

This Moment Called Now

In the course of everyday stress, it is quite easy to become flooded, if not haunted by thoughts and feelings of the past… or anxiety of what may occur in the future. Becoming lost in […]

Entrainment: What Everyone Should Know

When two fireflies land on the same branch, they begin to flash their lights in unison, like lit bulbs on a Christmas tree. Birds of a feather often fly in unison (entrainment). It’s a well-known […]