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Enjoy the Wonders of Life

There is a whole side of stress that doesn’t get much notice, and it should. It’s the good stress, also called eustress. You know you’re in a eustress moment when you feel like you want […]

Be Prepared, Not Scared…Solar Flares and Stress

The cover story of this month’s issue of National Geographic highlights a potential super solar storm. Tucked in amongst the physics of solar plasma bursts and coronal mass ejections is the information that a solar […]

Integrity: One’s True Colors

In talking to a colleague the other day, he lamented about his holiday weekend plans. “I’ll be working,” he said. “No one to go home to.” He explained that his wife won a large settlement […]

Breasts, Bras, Toxins, Cancer, Stress

A woman in Boulder Colorado, Florence Williams, has written a new book, titled, Breasts. In this book she covers everything from the physiology of the mammary glands to various social implications and fascinations thereof. In […]

Stress Management & Relaxation Italian Style

Italy Calling: Please Join Us In Tuscany this September (21-30) Last year’s group trip to Italy was simply magical, so much so I decided to plan a second trip back to the heart of Tuscany […]

Obesity and Stress

I heard the producer of the upcoming HBO special, The Weight of the Nation (Confronting America’s Obesity Epidemic) speak on NPR last week. Of the many things discussed on the show, was the fact that […]

Be a Good Mystic: Embrace The Mystery!

There is a mystical side of life that contains all the things that we will never fully understand, even with scientific double blind studies. We live in a physical world, yet we also live in […]

The Secret of Happiness is Contentment

There is much talk today of happiness and the ways to reach it. Happiness, however, isn’t a destination to reach. It’s a perception, a mindset. There are those that believe that people are born with […]

Resiliency: To Bounce Back

This week I was invited down to the Colorado Springs  Olympic Training Center to attend the 2012 Paralympic Games; an international sports event for people with disabilities. It was there I met Mac, a young […]