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Healthy Boundaries: Off to Ireland

Dear friends, fans and colleagues,  For the next three weeks I will be presenting at a conference and leading a tour group to Ireland. I have found that while on the road, it is a […]

Don’t Take Anything Personally

In 1997, Don Miguel Ruiz came out with a wonderful little book, called The Four Agreements. They are four simple rules to live by. Agreement No 2 states: Don’t take anything personally. The premise of […]

Happy Monday, Indeed!

  There is a trend in Colorado (perhaps other places too) to greet people with an expression, based on the actual day. I think it began with Thursdays, but I am not sure. In some […]

Fear Mongering and More Fear Mongering

In his best selling book, Spontaneous Healing, Physician Andy Weil suggests that people do not eat while watching television. Too many negative vibrations, he says. His point is that it’s hard to digest your food […]