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A Vote for Optimism

Watching the London Olympics this weekend brought back many fond memories of my sport psychology work with many summer and winter Olympic athletes decades ago.  I am reminded that at that level of competition, what […]

Perfections vs. Excellence

I have a friend who’s a great musician, yet he he has yet to cut an album because he’s afraid it won’t be perfect. Likewise, I have a friend who hopes to publish several books […]

Stress and Senseless Tragedy

How does one make sense of a senseless act of violence?  Try as we might to understand these (fill in the blanks here __________) acts, ones that clearly promote stress, most likely, we never will. […]

Stress and Global Warming (Climate Change)

Until recently the weather was always thought to be a safe topic of conversation. Not anymore. Today it’s up there with religion and politics. It’s rather hard not to notice the weather over the past […]

Time for Some Random Acts of Kindness

Science is proving what the sages and mystics have know for eons; when people open their hearts, in an act of compassion in action, everyone benefits, including the people giving of themselves. From a boost […]

Above the Fray

Every now and again, it is useful, if not essential to step outside our normal means of existence and daily routines to take in the full perspective of life. This after all, is the purpose […]