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The Iceberg Mind: Stress and The Unconscious

I just finished a book titled, Subliminal, by Leonard Mlodinow. The premise of the book is that our behavior is governed by our unconscious mind. We may THINK we know why we do what we […]

Stress and The Art of Apologies

In a time and age where egos clash daily and everyone is vying for their 15 minutes of fame, we begin to see the ugly side of humanity…sadly, all too often. Take Lance Armstrong, for […]

Stress and your Skin

I am here in sunny Florida enjoying the weather, talking to a colleague of mine, and the topic of skin cancer comes up quickly in a conversation.  Being of fair skin and blue eyes, I […]

Neuroplasticity of Your Brain

Through the use of Functional MRI research, scientists have discovered some remarkable insights of the human brain. Prior to this time it was pretty much understood that the number of brain cells were established at […]

Do You Suffer From Social Jet-lag?

Over the weekend I read an interesting article in the Smithsonian magazine (their most recent issue). Till Rosenberg, a professor at the University of Michigan, has noted that a great many people report symptoms similar […]

Fracking, Stress and Your Food: Oh My!

Over the holidays a good friend sent me an award winning documentary movie to watch called Gasland; a film about hydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking.  Much of the movie was filmed out west, some […]