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Dreams and Their Meanings

The unconscious mind speaks a language of symbols, colors, stories and metaphors. Dreams are the best way to communicate these messages to the conscious mind. Sadly, the conscious mind is not very proficient with this […]

Stress and the Heart

It is commonly understood that the catacholamines (epinephrine and nor-epinephrine) released in the stress response (even a moderate one), cause an increase in both resting heart rate and blood pressure. An increase in blood pressure […]

Triumph of the Human Spirit

I just returned from the Boulder Film Festival where I had the great pleasure to see the film, No Place on Earth. This movie is an amazing documentary about several dozen Ukrainian Jews who survived […]

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Filters of the Mind

As we mature from childhood to adulthood, we learn (or we are supposed to learn) what is appropriate behavior. Appropriate behavior is a consensus of social norms that promotes a civil society. At its best, […]

Stress and Impatience

A woman called my office last week. Actually, she called three times in  a 30-minute period. She left three messages, with a snide comment on the last voice mail message, pissed that I had not […]

Stress and Food Allergies

Over the past few weeks, two good friends informed me that they have become sensitive to gluten (a protein molecule found in flour). Sadly, they are among a growing population  (some stats suggest 15% of […]