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Stress and Honey: In Honor of Bees

By now you may have heard that hundreds of honeybee colonies around the country (and Europe) are in great decline (the terms is bee colony collapse). Though the reasons may not be clear, much evidence […]

Sugar, Obesity and Stress

Last week I had the privilege to hear renowned researcher Kelly Brownell, Ph.D. at a national health conference. His keynote address was on the topic of nutrition and obesity, but the real focus of his […]

Stress and Your Approaching Retirement

Baby boomers take note: Financial experts are worried about our future and for good reason… the percentage of working adults who are not preparing themselves for retirement is alarming. Millennials should take note too. There […]

Time to Lighten Up! Smile

Back by popular demand, today’s blog is about the importance of comic relief in our lives. Once again we will skip the theory and go straight for the application… Enjoy! The Burglar A burglar broke […]

Stress and Belief Systems (Keeping and Open Mind)

The other night I had the opportunity to hear a Peruvian speaker, Renato Longato, talk of his experience as a contactee (apparently not an uncommon experience in Peru). A contactee is someone who has had […]

Stress and the 8-Minute Dinner

A story on NPR last week spoke to the problems Americans have with regard to planning, cooking and eating meals, specifically dinner. In trying to understand the obesity epidemic various people were interviewed. To no […]