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Stress and Impatience

In this age of instant gratification, there is a corresponding increase in impatience. The ability to call up information in seconds, the ability to access virtually anybody through voice mail, email or text message, the […]

Antiodidants to the Rescue!

There are many types of stress. While much attention is placed on emotional stress these days, there are environmental stressors one should not ignore, specifically free radicals. In simplest terms, free radicals are oxygen molecules […]

Domesticate Your Ego!

Where there is stress, the ego is not far behind! Your ego is necessary for survival, afterall… it’s the ego that pulls the alarm for “fight or flight” when you are in physical danger. Metaphorically […]

Coping Technique 101: Information Seeking

Fear of the unknown can cause a lot of stress and in a rapidly changing world there is A LOT of uncertainty (e.g., the economy, job security or lack thereof, etc.) When the emotional stress […]