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Practice The Golden Rule

Love your neighbor as yourself. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Treat others as you wish to be treated. Bestow compassion on all individuals. The Golden Rule is considered to […]

Detachment: Cutting Your Losses

Wisdom keepers the world over remind us to detach from our expectations. Many words or phrases are used to encourage us to practice this ageless wisdom: release, cleanse, let go, detach, and cut your losses. […]

Detoxing the Mind

Even if there were no Internet, no twitter, no cell phones, nor Facebook, there would be plenty of distractions to cause an overload of mental stimulation (also known as STRESS!) Our minds are barraged with […]

On Demand This! The dark side of Impatience

With the accessibility of practically everything at one’s fingertips these days, have you noticed how people get impatient when things are anything less than immediate? Immediate gratification has become the norm with expectations, but there […]


If you have ever driven toward a destination with a GPS device and made a wrong turn, you know the response (often in a woman’s voice)…“Recalculating.” Being picked up at the Orlando Airport this week […]

The Pursuit of Happiness

Fear and anger may be the most recognized, if not common, stress emotions, but let us not forget that there is another emotion associated with stress, specifically eustress. This emotion is joy, also referred to […]

Stress and Impatience

In this age of instant gratification, there is a corresponding increase in impatience. The ability to call up information in seconds, the ability to access virtually anybody through voice mail, email or text message, the […]

Island Time: Stress Management Polynesian Style

You notice something immediately when you arrive on an island, whether it’s in the South Pacific, the Caribbean or even off the coast of Maine; the pace of life is much slower—as it should be. […]

Sarcasm: To Tear Flesh!

Humor is a great way to reduce stress, but there is one type of humor you should avoid at all costs; sarcasm. If you were to look up the word sarcasm in the dictionary, you […]