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It IS a Wonderful Life, Indeed!

Here is wishing everyone a wonderful and blessed holiday season. We look forward to rejoining you next year! Stress Tip for the Day: Make it a wonderful life! Be grateful. Count your blessings… Take nothing […]

It’s a Wonderful Life

Happy Holidays Everyone!The Stressfully Speaking blog will reappear after the new year!Best wishes for a happy new year!

Eco-Therapy: The Healing Power of Nature

Scientists are warning of a second environmental disaster on the horizon (the first being global warming). A general sense of apathy and ignorance combined with our love affair with technology has created a huge disconnect […]

The Ego and the Soul

For generations, wisdom keepers the world over have explained that within us are two halves, two equal partners (think of the Taoist symbol); the ego and the soul. In a perfect world, the ego is […]

Rejoice: The Sky is NOT Falling!

The other day I happened to listen to NPR’s Talk of the Nation show. On the air was a NASA scientist who has garnered much Youtube renown for his attempts to explain why the world […]

Of Hope and Dreams

Perhaps what makes us different from all other animals on the planet is our ability to dream; To see an appealing fragment of the future, grab it, and bring it into the present, making it […]

The Art of Solitude

A speaker, named Susan Cain, at the now famous TED conference gave a stunning presentation on the plight of the introvert. Hidden among the many messages she shared with the audience was this: We each […]

Beauty’s Only Skin Deep, but….

As I quickly scanned through my recent copy of the Smithsonian magazine, I was intrigued by an X-ray photograph of a woman’s foot with metal pins. As it turns out, she, and countless other women […]

Stress and The Upside of Routines

Your body craves routines. It really likes it when you go to bed at the same time every night and wake up the same time every day (even on weekends when you could sleep in.) […]

Why Do People Lie? A Question of Trust

Simply stated, people lie out of fear (stress) often in a state of panic. Sometimes they lie because of frustration, but mostly out of fear. In either case, stress-prone lying is inappropriate behavior. At the […]

The Art of Atonement; Making Amends

I heard a story on NPR’s Fresh Air last week based on an article in the New Yorker, titled, Atonement. It involved a story of a US Marine who shot and killed several innocent people […]

Spiritual But Not Religious? You’re not Alone…

A news brief last week cited a recent poll highlighting the fact that over 30 percent (nearly one-third) of Americans claim no affiliation to an organized religion.  While some experts find this alarming, others who […]

Personal Power: Don’t Give It Away

Spiritual luminaries the world-over have a common message: You are a beautiful soul. As much as we hear this message we tend to forget it, ignore it, or simply don’t believe it. Our personal power, […]

Fifty Shades of Earl Grey: The Art of Tea

Get your mind out of the gutter. OK! Now that I have your attention, can we talk about tea? Of all the many, if not countless ways to relax, one should not forget to include […]

With Malice Toward None

  Have you noticed how “stressed” people are today?  Anger and frustrations seem to be on the rise. When people carry this anger in their persona, it acts like a virus. Others who are upset […]

The Stress of Politics & The Politics of Stress

As we enter the countdown round of Double Jeopardy: The 2012 elections, take a deep breath and consider taking a political fast: Turn off the TV, radio and Internet news for a 24-48 hour period […]

Eat a Variety of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables!

By and large, Americans don’t eat enough fruits and veggies. Not only do fruits and veggies contain a wonderful source of vitamins and minerals, they also contain fiber (roughage). Moreover, fresh (and let’s include organic) […]

Coming Home: Drop the Story and Declare Victory

There are some people who get stuck in the retelling of their own life story. They are the ones who repeatedly remind anyone who will listen how bad (stressful) their life is. These stories are […]

Using Your Life Gifts

One of the most profound questions you can ever ask yourself is this: Why am I here? The question begs to know what is our purpose in life. Perhaps the cornerstone of one’s life purpose […]

Distractions on the Spiritual Path

The human experience has often been described as a journey, some call it a “spiritual journey;” an evolution of consciousness. It could be said that this evolution of consciousness is one in which one moves […]

Unplugged: The Sound of Silence

Think about it. When is the last time you sat in complete silence?  The world is a very noisy place today. From television and radio to Ipods and Pandora selections (and a million other electrical […]

Stress and Your Mouth: Good Dental Hygiene

Last week I had my teeth cleaned and with the retirement of my dentist, I had quite the conversation with my new dental hygienist.  Here is what I learned: Your mouth contains over 400 bacteria, […]

Organic Food Choices: Eat for a Healthy Immune System

An article just published by researchers at Stanford University looked at the benefits of eating organic foods. Their results concluded there really is no benefit. This came as a bit of a surprise to the […]