A Return to Ireland


Photographer and author Brian Luke Seaward visits his ancestral home of Ireland several times a year. On each visit he is accompanied by several cameras, a few great maps and lots of Irish luck. This beautifully designed book is your virtual passport to this magical and mystical land, through his eyes. Unlike other photography books of Ireland neatly sectioned in four chapters (the four provinces of Ulster, Leinster, Munster and Connacht), A Return to Ireland explores the Emerald Isle through her castles and cottages, her islands and round towers, her traditional music, and a special trip to County Donegal, highlighting the stunning beauty of this special place on planet Earth. This lovely coffee table book is a stunning tapestry of Irish beauty, Celtic wonder and Emerald Isle charm containing over 200 images and 8 essays—all of which bring you safely home to the magical shores of Ireland. So cuddle up with a warm wool blanket and a cup of tea and enjoy an autographed copy of A Return to Ireland.

(8×12 inches, 194 color pages, special limited edition)

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