US Military Training Program Offerings

For all US Military (DOD) personnel interested in, or seeking group trainings (including civilian trainings) the following information is made available for you.

Program Offerings

Each of these “off the shelf” training programs listed throughout this website, offered for The US military (DOD), is designed specifically for the attendees in session. The topic of stress management is colossal, (e.g., physiology of stress, psychology of stress, resiliency, work-life balance, insomnia/sleep issues, digital toxicity, mindfulness, mental training, healthy grieving, stress and nutrition, creative anger management, health of the human spirit, train-the-trainers, etc. etc.) As such, I work with those people from the DOD who contact me to tailor specific group training programs that offer the greatest depth of content for the population at hand. Please refer to this link for specific topics (modules) that can be included and adapted for one or multiple day training programs.

Course Materials

Depending on the content of the training program, one or more books may be assigned to the training program (e.g., A Good Night Sleep, The Road to Wellness) for further follow-up content. All training programs include a downloadable PDF file of handouts.


The cost of these training programs is based on a daily rate of $15,000/day (however we do work within budgetary restrictions). This not only includes the day(s) of the training program, but the individualized preparation for specific tailored training programs. This cost does not include travel (e.g., air, hotel, car rental, per diem, etc.) which as a separate cost, must be added to the DOD training program budget. It should be noted that in honor of our US military, this honorarium rate is considerably less than similar programs offered to the Corporate World. Unlike other professional development institutes that charge per person, we negotiate this flat rate of $20,000/day.

About Dr. Seaward

Dr. Seaward is regarded as one of THE premier experts in the world on the topics of stress management, resiliency and health promotion. He is the author of THE leading textbook in the college market (undergraduate and graduate studies). Dr. Seaward has facilitated training programs for the US Army and Air Force and Wounded Warrior Program over the past 10 years.

For More Information

If you have any questions on this or other aspects of Dr. Seaward’s “off the shelf training programs,” please contact Inspiration Unlimited & The Paramount Wellness Institute via this website, email ( or phone (303) 678.9962.

Thanks for your service to our country’s defense!