The Trouble With Fish

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If you haven’t heard, our oceans are not as plentiful with fish as they once were many years ago. In fact, many populations of fish are nearly decimated due to over-fishing. As a fan of the NPR radio program, Living on Earth, I am often reminded of the many problems facing our oceans (from our coral reefs that are dying to areas of plastic waste, the size of Texas, floating in the Pacific. Last Sunday Living On Earth aired a special program called “Good Fish, Bad Fish” (see link below), which deals with wild vs. farm-raised salmon, the result of which is not good news. Coincidently, the latest issue of National Geographic has a story about the hundreds of salmon fisheries in Chile that are causing so many environmental problems in the waters off Patagonia. The vast majority of salmon consumed in the US is farm bread salmon, and this is not without its problems, to the fish and to we who eat them. Caveat emptor: Let the buyer beware!

• Stress Tip of the Day
We have all heard about how important it is to include fish, particularly cold water fish, into our diets (for the consumption of Omega 3 oils). This is an excellent idea, BUT experts warn us that the fish you wish to consume should be wild fish (e.g., wild Salmon) as the farm-raised fish is anything but healthy (see story via links worth noting). In the category of FYI, the majority of restaurants that serve salmon, serve farm-raised salmon (its’ cheaper) yet this fish may be loaded with toxins including the carcinogen, PCB’s. When you purchase fish (in the store or a restaurant), inquire where the fish came from. If they cannot tell you, consider buying somewhere where you know exactly where the source is. Learn to vote with your checkbook!

• Links Worth Noting:
Here is a transcript of the story mentioned above. Do yourself a favor and read this story.
Good fish, bad fish

• Photo of the Day:
One of my favorite memories of swimming with ocean fish occurred while snorkeling in Tahiti decades ago. Not long ago, with an underwater camera in hand, I was able to recapture that moment a few thousand miles away in Kona, Hawaii. Enjoy!

• Quote for the Day:
“There is but one season of the year when salmon should be served hot at a choice repast; that is in the spring and early summer, and even then it is too satisfying, not sufficiently delicate. The man who serves salmon during the winter, I care not what sauce he serves with it, does an injury to himself and his guests.”—Ward McAllister

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