Accolades, Praise & Comments

“Dear Luke, Thank you again for coming to Wake Up to Women’s Health event last Saturday. It was the best event I’ve coordinated yet, and I attribute that largely to the popularity of your presentations.”
– Alice Burron, Cheyenne Regional Medical Center, Cheyenne, WY

“Dr. Seaward, What a great workshop for Cheyenne! Your presentations were bold and exciting. You touched on some very deep spiritual truths, but wove them into a fine and palatable fabric for some that may have not been introduced to such ideas. And yet, you were very practical in many suggestions. I love all the personal stories too — so touching.”
– Jackie O., Cheyenne, WY

“I cannot begin to tell you the very positive comments I’ve received on your presentation (and Earth Songs movie premier). Everyone is still talking about them. I am excited and hopeful that you will be with us again at the 2011 conference in Hawaii. For all that you are, all that you do, for all the way you provide healing.”
– Mary O’Neill, R.N., President, Healing Touch Internationals

“Life at the Speed of Change was a great session. I came face-to-face with some serious lifestyle changes I need to make. Thank you so much for such an awesome presentation. Thanks!”
– Comment from Susan shared with Karen Smiddy, Benefits Analyst, City of Arvada

“Dear Luke, I wanted to thank you again for your wonderful collaboration and presence at our 2010 conference. We heard so many positive comments about your presentations. Your professionalism, creativity, humor and friendship was so greatly appreciate by our Healing Touch community. It was truly a delight to finally meet and work with you.”
– Lisa Anselme, Executive Director, Healing Touch International

“Hi Luke, The Walking in Balance presentation today was FABULOUS! Our employees very much appreciated this session. Your presentation was clear, concise, and informative.”
– Heather Walker, Health Promotion Manager, Proming Healthy Lifestyles for Your Employee Working with GSK’s Health Safety & Performance Services

Dear Luke, “On behalf of the organizing committee for the 2009 Building Healthy Lifestyles Conference and the faculty and students of the Exercise and Wellness Department at the Arizona State University Polytech, I extend our deepest gratitude for providing a most inspiring keynote address and workshop at our conference. All the conference participants that I spoke to or heard from, who attended either your keynote or workshop, raved about you and your message. I was particularly excited to have my students listen to the author of their textbook, and in some cases meet you in person.”
– Larry Woodruff, Senior Lecturer

“Luke, Thank you so much for your excellent presentations at Corporate Express this week. You were an overwhelming success in easing the tensions as we transition into this corporate merger to become one with Staples. I look forward to working with you again.”
– Carrie Clausen, Human Resources, Corporate Express / Staples

“Dear Luke, I just wanted to say Thank-you for the excellent and funny presentations you brought to Holland Hospital. I have had so many people thank me and say how
much they appreciated your humor and education.”
– Sandy Navarro, Employee Wellness Coordinator, Holland Hospital

“Dear Luke, Thank you so much for a truly inspirational day at the workshop here at Allegany Community College’s 42 Annual Institute of Medicine and Religion Conference last week. The comments and feedback have been phenomenal.”
– Cherie Snyder, ACM

“Luke, You were definitely a home run at the Extension Services event last week. The folks here haven’t stopped talking about you… and continue to thank me for bringing you here. I want to express my sincere gratitude for your time and energy in West Virginia.”
Kelly Nix, West Virginia University

“Luke, I want to thank you for a wonderful seminar for nurses day last week. Sometimes you meet a person who is such a joyful spirit. They open your eyes to new perspectives, make your life more colorful and glow with an amazing energy that is rare indeed. YOU are one of those people.
Thanks for the message you are sending.”
– Cyndie Koopsen, R.N., Verde Valley Medical Center, Arizona

“Your outstanding presentation (Coming up for Air: Decompressing from the Stress of Life) at this year’s American Association of Orthodontists was the best presentation at the conference, and you by far were the best speaker. You were dynamic, entertaining and very informative. Simply wonderful!”
– Conference Co-Chair, American Association of Orthodontists

“Dear Luke, Thank you for presenting at Internationals, “Take Charge” Wellness Summit on June 13-14, 2007. Your presentation was inspiring and will greatly contribute to our efforts of promoting a healthier International. Your program was “Extremely well received with 100% of the attendees rating your program as strongly valuable. Again, thank you.”
– Dawn Weddle, Wellness Manager, International Truck

“Luke, thanks so much for your presentation at Seagate. It was extremely well received and very much needed at this time. Thank you so much for sharing your time, information and expertise.”
– Cady, Seagate Wellness Center