Favorite Links

The World Wide Web offers an amazing array of information, sometimes overwhelming, but always fascinating. Although my list might be endless, these are a few of my top favorites that I wish to share with you for this year.

While autographing books a few years ago at a trade show in Denver I was approached by a woman who introduced herself as the founder of cancergifts.com. Intrigued I asked more. Xochi (pronounced So-she) Hughes is a cancer survivor. In her recovery process to find meaning in her disease she decided to start a company that created gift baskets for cancer patients. The result, www.cancergifts.com proved to be a overnight success. Xochi has retired at the end of 2005 and sold the business to Tami, but the integrity remains. If you know of somebody who has cancer and you wish to express your love or healing energies but not sure how, consider visiting www.cancergifts.com.

As an avid photographer who has jumped blindly in the to digital age, I learned quite quickly that I need the magic of Photoshop (a darkroom software package that can make any photograph look great and any great photograph look stellar. I have help with my photos from my friend and colleague, Mark S. Johnson (co-producer of Seasons of the Heart DVD). Mark is a collaborator on Radiantvista.com and if you are looking for help with your photography, this website is well worth the time. www.radiantvista.com

If you get bored with planet earth and want to roam the solar system, turn to the website below and check out what’s new in the cosmos. I was turned onto this website a few days ago and I have to say, it contains some AMAZING space photos. Astronomy Picture of the Day

have been a fan and member of the Institute of Noetic Sciences for over 15 years. Not only do they put on THE best conference I have ever attended (and I attend a lot of conferences), but they publish a wonderful quarterly magazine as well, called SHIFT. The Institute was founded by former astronaut Edgar Mitchell over 30 years ago to build a bridge between the disciplines of science and spirituality. Needless to say, I feel very much at home at IONS!. I highly recommend their conference to everyone and I recommend their website as well: www.noetic.org

As part of the teaching package I put together for my textbook, Managing Stress, I create a series of homework web exercises based on various topic in the book, from stress and disease to music therapy. I will spare you the homework assignments, but listed below are some really interesting websites related to the colossal topic of stress and stress management. Enjoy:

To honor my friends and colleagues, I would like to highlight their careers through their web pages, as well as some pretty neat features.

One of my favorite CD’s is titled, Northern Seascape by renowned pianist/composer Jim Wilson. His subsequent CD’s are equally impressive. I was so taken with his music that I licensed the rights to use four songs for my relaxation CD, A Wing & A Prayer. Jim went one step further than allowing me to use his music. He composed an instrumental version of one song to be used specifically for this project. Like myself, Jim’s passion to make this a better world through his music is infectious, and his heart is definitely in the “right place.” Jim, you’re the best! I encourage everyone to check out his website at www.jimwilson.net

When I first heard the music from the CD, The Dreamer, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Here was music that transported me to nirvana. One CD purchase lead to several others and it wasn’t long before I contacted composer Michael Hoppe to license some of his music for my relaxation DVD, Seasons of the Heart. He answered my letter with a phone call and we quickly became friends. It was Michael that connected me with British actor Michael York, who then enlisted Michael York to join “Seasons” as the narrator of this project (Michael, I am forever indebted! —Thanks!!!)


In 2003 Michael Hoppe was nominated for a Grammy for his CD, Solace. In my humble opinion, he should have one. Check out his website at www.michaelhoppe.com

I first saw actor Michael York in the movie, The Three Musketeers in the early 1970’s and I became an immediate fan. In 2004 Michael flew to Boulder to record the narration for the soundtrack to Seasons of the Heart. Michael is not only an extremely talented world class actor, he’s one remarkable, selfless human being with a huge heart and a passion to raise consciousness and make this a better world. Michael has done a heck of a lot more than appear in countless movies, television shows (e.g., Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Gilmore Girls), he has narrated over 60 books. You can learn more about him and his career by heading to www.michaelyork.net

Many of my favorite websites include those from my favorite musicians. In no order of importance, because they are all special, I would like to introduce you to my friends. I will add more websites with each new update.

Robin Spielberg is a remarkable pianist/composer, whose music both on CD’s and in concert, I truly enjoy. I highly recommend all of her CD’s to you. Robin, thanks for sharing your gift of music and love to the world. We are all blessed because of it. www.robinspielberg.com

The Eversound Music label is one of my favorites (particularly now that I have a CD released through them this fall. It’s called ONE QUIET NIGHT and it is my compilation of what I think is their best collection of instrumental music.) If you like the type of music that made Windham Hill famous years ago, and Narada music renowned as well, please consider visiting their website to listen to their music. www.eversound.com

I met Laura Nashman, a remarkable flutist from Canada , at a trade show in Colorado several years ago. She was gracious enough to gift me with her CD and I ended up using one of her songs in the soundtrack to Earth Prayers. If all goes well, we will be using two of the tracks from her newest CD Seasons of Love for the new Jane Goodall CD/DVD project, giving it an international flavor. Please check out her website at www.spa-la-la.com.