Inspiration Unlimited began years ago as a consulting company in the field of health promotion and wellness to provide the most current information on the aspects of mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness for both personal and professional training and development. As a professional speaker, I have been asked to conduct various educational opportunities for professionals in all aspects of society; from the corporate and hospital settings to the Olympic arena whether it be a one hour talk or a weekend get-away. While the topic of stress management is by far the most requested, several other aspects of wellness are also in high demand.

“To make changes in our personal health and human potential we need not only education, but inspiration to make the changes permanent.”
– Brian Luke Seaward, Ph.D.


Our Services

Lectures: Lectures are usually one-hour talks given on-site to small groups of individuals interested in learning more about a specific topic of health and wellness. The time period (60 min.) is flexible to accommodate the work schedule of the group involved.

Seminars: Seminars are often an expanded version of a lecture presentation. A seminar may range in time from an hour to several days for the purpose of professional training and development with a specific theme or topic suited to the needs of the audience.

Keynotes: For special occasions, professional meetings, or conferences, this type of presentation is a wonderful blend of information and stories making for a memorable and entertaining event.

Workshops: Because a one-hour presentation often does not allow the exposure of information needed to understand topics in depth, workshops are created to explore and expose participants to a greater understanding of information, as well as complete a series of exercises to apply the information learned. Workshops usually run two to six hours, but can be designed and tailored to your specific needs.

Retreats: The chance to get away from the work or home environment offers undisturbed time to immerse oneself in areas of personal and professional growth. Retreats offer a unique opportunity to explore and expand personal boundaries and connect with individuals at a more human level. The time allocated for a retreat varies from group to group, but usually spans one to three days. Board, executive, and professional retreats have proven to enhance the creative efforts, and solidify and harmonize working relationships at the worksite.

Consulting: Inspiration Unlimited consults to numerous organizations and business, from corporations and hospitals to academic institutions. With over 20 years experience creating, designing, and implementing health promotion programs, we offer a wealth of expertise in all areas of wellness and health promotion.