Inspirational Comments


“Thank you for your wonderful presentation on Humor and Health to the employees of the Executive Office of the President. Your knowledge and background in this area combined with your charismatic presentation style made for an enlightening and enjoyable seminar. It was one of the most successful programs the White House Wellness Program has ever sponsored.”
– Denise Terry, White House Wellness Director

“Your workshop presentations were very well received. Judging from the feedback I received, it was not only what you brought, but also the spirit in which you brought it that touched people so deeply. I thank you again for your contributions to our conference.”
– Tom Hurley, Director of Education Institute of Noetic Sciences

“Conoco is indebted to you for your wonderful presentation. It was just what we were looking for. As always, you did an excellent job of presenting a lasting message and making it fit perfect for our employees. We look forward to having you come back again.”
– Donna K. Sullivan, Director of Wellness, Conoco

“What I learned about myself from this class can hardly be put into words. I do know that I will walk away from here with a better understanding of myself and a better concept of how to deal with the stress in my life.”

“I can’t tell you how much your class has done for my life. I not only was able to control my TMJ, but I was able to dissolve a very unhealthy relationship. This was a major step for me. I had been through therapy and a million self-help books, but your class was like icing on the cake. Thank you for being such a great instructor and wonderful human being.”

“I want to thank you again for giving such a wonderful and humorous presentation. Your insight into humor and illness taught everyone a lesson that we can bring to our patients and clients. I only wish I had a professor like you when I was in college.”
– Wendy Sall, American Cancer Society

“The opportunity that you provided for us to meditate and journal at length created a real outpouring of feelings and answers to questions I have had for quite some time. You introduced some very useful tools. Thanks a million!”

“This workshop has been the saving grace in the last six months of my life.”

“Dr. Seaward has a great presence and he has a great way of connecting with the audience.”

“I’m a cancer survivor who needs to be reminded of these pearls of wisdom. I feel great! Thanks.”

“I have never had a class that I enjoyed quite as much as this one. I was going through a very rough period in my life, not really believing in myself, and I think that your class helped me believe in myself and grow up a lot.”

“Brian Luke Seaward is an excellent teacher who tries to make everyone as comfortable as possible this is greatly appreciated. I thank you.”

“This has been the most enjoyable workshop ever, and I know what I learned will be probably more helpful than I will ever know. Thank you very much for this wonderful experience.”

“Top score of all conference presenters. Way to go, Luke.”
– Michael O’Donnell, President & Publisher American Journal of Health Promotion Conference, 1998

“Exceptional presentation. Superlative slides. By far one of the best sessions done. Thanks for having him.”
– Participant, American Journal of Health Promotion Conference, 1999

“Luke’s session was the best I attended at this conference. It had depth and meaning. More so than any other talk and better than any of the keynotes by far. He was inspiring and intelligent.”
– Participant, American Journal of Health Promotion Conference, 1997

“After coming to your presentation, I now know why I came to this conference. Yours was THE BEST of all the presentations. Thank you so much.”
– Participant, Institute of Noetic Sciences Conference, 1998

“Luke’s presentation was the essence of wellness and he is the epitome of impassioned education. What a model of the process. What a grand experience!”
– National Wellness Conference Participant, 1999

“Once again, Luke has a gift of bringing what could be complex thoughts down to easy to digest examples. Very professional slides. Wonderful Visuals. Thanks! ”
– National Wellness Conference Participant, 1998

” I believe this has been the best presentation and presenter at the conference. Brian Luke’s quality, his passion, sincerity, and gentleness along with his great message and delivery make this an incredible experience.”
– National Wellness Conference Participant, 1995

“This (Spirits on a Human Path) was the most touching presentation, Wow! Thanks!”
– National Wellness Conference Participant, 1995

“Luke perfectly balanced a review of basics, moving through to explain the more complex issues. He is dynamic and enjoyable. Bring him back again and again.”
– National Wellness Conference Participant, 1995

“Luke’s joie de vivre, his clarity, openness, and vibrancy are indeed very special gifts that he shares, along with his extensive knowledge and talented presentation.”
– Student, Center for Human Caring, 1995

“Luke Seaward was better than excellent!”
– Participant, American Journal of Health Promotion Conference, 1996