Selected Articles

“Resiliency Reset”, September 2021

“Digital Screen Time: The New Social Addiction”, February 2020.

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“Hugging The Family Tree of Humanity, Ascending into our Divine Inheritance”, September 2019.

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Holistic Nurses Association magazine, February 2018

WELCOA White Paper, “Sleep Wellness, Digital Detox and Mindfulness”

Getting a Good Night’s Sleep, Digital Detox & Mindfulness

Huffington Post (March 2013)

Stress In America Today
Humor’s Healing Potential (WELCOA Expert Interview – Summer 2010)

Chicago Tribune Article on Stress (Sept. 2012)

Humor’s Healing Potential

Speed of Change (Sept. 2007)

In Search of Sleep (May 2007)

The Domino Effect: The Delicate Relationship Stress, Nutrition, Lifestyle and Disease (Feb. 2007)

The Stress of Life: Selye, Jung, Taylor and You (Jan. 2007)

Spirits on a Human Path: Stress and Spirituality in Everyday Life (May 2006)

Managing Stress and Achieving Balance

Under Pressure: A Workforce on the Brink

Ego and the Soul

Online Chat With Renowned Stress Management Expert Dr. Brian Luke Seaward: Chat to Focus On Holiday Stress and Tips for Avoiding It

50 Ways to Stay Calm, Healthy & Strong in Times: The World May Seem to be Falling Apart but Keeping Your Life Together May Not be as Hard as You Think

Exercising Soul Muscles

Spiritual Fitness: Reflections on Stress and Human Spirituality

Alternative Medicine Complements Standard:Various Forms Focus on Holistic Concepts (1994)