Stand Like Mountain, Flow Like Water


Welcome to this master class on the topic of stress and human spirituality; a ten-part series that explores the human journey through the lens of spiritual wellbeing; the cornerstone of wellness. Stress can be an opportunity for spiritual growth, by offering many lessons as one navigates the journey from fear to love and compassion.

Each lesson, (more informally, a fireside chat) offers ageless wisdom and timeless insights to help you navigate your life through the winds of change. We begin with a fireside chat, followed by a short soul-searching journal exercise. We conclude each lesson with a guided mental imagery mediation. Each lesson also includes a link to supplemental reading. Be sure to download the course workbook PDF as well!

Given the nature and preponderance of screen fatigue we offer each fireside chat as an MP3 audio experience allowing you the freedom to listen in an environment away from your computer screen or smart phone.

Download Course Workbook (pdf)