“The Doors of Perception” Wisdom Card Pack and Instruction Booklet (set of 64)


This unique deck of 64 cards has four suites (mind, body, spirit and emotions). Each suite has 8 open doors and 8 closed doors, each an archetypal (symbolic) metaphor for a particular stage in the journey of our lives. The deck comes with an instruction booklet with over 7 themes (ideas or suggestions) on ways to use this wisdom deck for inspiration or as an oracle to help guide you on your life journey. Each photograph depicts a door, gateway, passageway, portal or threshold that begs attention with layers and layers of insight. I have used the cards at various workshops and retreats with tremendous success. If you like angel cards, you will LOVE this wisdom deck.

Sample Cards:
Sample 1
Sample 2
Sample 3
Sample 4

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