A Good Night’s Sleep Revisited: Good Sleep Hygiene

Do you have a problem getting a good night’s sleep? If so, you are not alone. Millions of Americans currently suffer from poor sleep quality, also known as insomnia. Stress is the biggest factor associated with NOT getting a good night’s sleep. Today’s blog entry deals specifically with sleep hygiene; your sleep environment, which also is a contributing factor to restlessness during the typical sleep hours. A poor sleep environment can greatly (negatively) impact one’s quality of sleep. For starters melatonin (known as the sleep hormone) starts being secreted from the pineal gland when light diminishes (think setting sun) and ambient temperature decreases (also think setting sun). In an artificial environment such as we live in (with electric lights and heating) the body’s circadian rhythms can be thrown off, thus affecting melatonin production and secretion. nightlights, alarm clock lights, outside street lights, etc. will affect your quality of sleep, as will a warm room temperature. Cool temperatures are more conducive for better sleeping. Sleep surface is also a very important consideration. Consider the fact that you spend one third of your life sleeping. This reason alone would suggest you invest in quality sheets, pillows, mattress pad and comforters etc.) A final consideration is noise. Experts suggest that the bedroom is for one reason, and that ‘s sleep (OK, if you’re lucky, possibly two reasons). Televisions, computers, cell phones, etc. do not belong in the bedroom!

• Stress Tip for the Day
Consider making a purchase of some new bed sheets with 800 to 1,000 (softest) thread count. Egyptian cotton is ideal, as are down pillows and comforter. Silk sheets are incredible too, but more so for the summer months. Keep your electric alarm clock at least 6 feet from your bed (the ELF’s can and will negatively affect your human energy field, as will electric blankets and anything else electric.) Keep your sleep environment as natural (unplugged) as possible. In terms of fung shui, consider having you head and feet lay in line with (not against) the earth’s magnetic lines (north and south).

• Links Worth Noting:
After spending a night at the Beverly Wilshire hotel years ago, (I was there speaking at a Fortune 500 conference) I realized just what I was missing with incredibly nice bedding. A phone call to front desk put me in touch with some of THE best bedding merchants…. Here are some links to peruse as a means to improve your sleep surface.



• Photo of the Day:
This photo of my guest bedroom on the island of Dominica at the Jade Mountain Resort (which by the way, had great beddin!), and a view to put a smile on anyone’s face. The ocean wave soundtrack wasn’t bad either.

• Quote for the Day:

“Life is too short to sleep on low thread-count sheets.” — Leah Stussy
“People who say they sleep like a baby usually don’t have one.” — Leo J. Burke

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