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Katy is a dear, lifelong friend of mine from my college days at the University of Maine (Orono). Every now and then we get together for a weekend visit. These weekends are always memorable, but one in particular (years ago) stands out. We were walking down a busy city street when Katy and I both spotted a homeless man pan-handling for change. Long before we arrived as his donation bucket, I had explained to Katy a previous experience when a beggar took my donation and headed right into the nearest liquor store—with glee. I was a bit stunned. “Once bitten, twice shy,” I said. Katy looked at me quizically, pulled out at few bucks from her purse, placed them in this man’s hand and smiled. As we continued to walk on, Katy explained to me that random acts of kindness are not necessarily done for the recipient. They are done also for the person doing the random act. “A gift is a gift, she said. “It’s not for you to determine how any gift should be acted upon. Its all about unconditional love. The purpose of random acts of kindness is to open two hearts, not one.” Katy was right! Any act of kindness opens two hearts. At a time when many hearts are closed by either fear or anger, consider the power (and freedom) of an open heart— Yours!

•Stress Tip for The Day:
No matter how bad off you may have it, there is always someone who has it worse. Consider doing a random act of kindness today, and often. Open your heart (and possibly your wallet or purse) to someone who is less fortunate than you. Given the economy, there is a large pool to choose from. Or consider going through your closet, selecting a nice piece of clothing you don’t wear as much these days and make a donation to Good Will or the Salvation Army this week. And the next time you see someone approach you begging for money or standing on a street corner with a sign move past any fear or judgement and open your heart, even if all you can give is a smile and direct eye contact. Respect to a fellow human being is also an act of kindness.

Links/Books Worth Noting:
As you might expect, there is an organization devoted to the concept of Random Acts of Kindness… Please check it out…


Quote of the Day:

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” ~Aesop

“Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the and the blind can see.” ~Mark Twain

Photo of the Day:
“Who Me?” Here is a photo of the one and only Katy, and I think this was taken on the day of the random act of kindness in D.C. Here’s to you, Katy! Thanks for being such a great sage!

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