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If you pursue the question of spiritual well-being with any kind ofpassion, at some point you will come face to face with the concept of the “ascension process.” Ascension means many things to many people, but wisdom keepers speak of this as a significant advancement up the spiritual spiral; an elevation of consciousness, a significant soul-growth process. Implicit, for some, in the concept of ascension is a fall, as in the fall from grace. Though there are many interpretations of “the fall,” simply stated, the fall occurs every time the shadow of the ego eclipses the light of the soul. For some people this is a pretty deep decent into darkness. Conversely, the ascent is described by some as the ascension of divine energy up the spine (also known as the Kundalini Energy). As this energy rises, from the root chakra to the crown chakra, the cleansing process in each chrakra region can be emotionally painful (as one learns to release old thoughts, feelings, and perceptions that no longer serve one’s wellbeing). Carl Jung addressed the concept of the ascension process, tacitly, as the union of the conscious and unconscious minds, where the wisdom of the unconscious and collective (divine) consciousness rises up to a conscious level. As consciousness rises, we evolve spiritually, acting less from a motivation of fear and more from love. The ascension process is a shift (upward) from the darkness of fear toward the light of love and compassion. In many ways, this is a small step up through the “doors of perception,” yet for many with ego attachment, the abyss is nothing short of a quantum leap up.

Stress Tip for The Day:
Step outside your “guarded self” today and observe how often your thoughts and actions are fear-based. As you do this, take inventory on what expectations weren’t met. What aspect of your life didn’t seem in control? Take inventory of the ego’s shadow. Then assess how to release these thoughts, feelings and perceptions so you can move toward a motivation of love and compassion. There are many colors of love’s rainbow (e.g., patience, forgiveness, optimism, courage, tolerance, persistence, faith, humor, creativity and of course, compassion). Rather than taking one step forward and two back (and losing ground), take two steps forward, one toward the doors of a new perception and the second through the door… toward the light. Go ahead. Take the leap!

Links/Books/Movies Worth Noting:
If you were to Google the ascension process you would find everything from the sublime to the ridiculous. So consider starting with some books: A couple of great books to read of this ilk included the following: Man and his Symbols by Carl Jung And a new collection of essays on the topic of Kundalini, called Kundalini Rising published by Sounds True.

Quote for the Day:
“Modern man is sick because he is not whole.” — Carl G. Jung

Photo of the Day:
Rainbows often serve as a symbol of divine love. Colorado has been blessed with many rainbows this summer (lots of early morning and late afternoon showers with ample sunlight.) I have been blessed to capture them with my camera. Enjoy!

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