Avoiding Genetically Modified Organisms (GOM’s) Frankenfoods

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When Mary Shelley wrote her book, Frankenstein, she was making a philosophical statement about the grave dangers of technology (even back then, 100 years ago). Today, we have much greater dangers and many of these are in the foods we consume. Splicing a gene of a flounder fish into the DNA of a tomato to withstand lower temperatures is one such example (is it a vegetable or animal now?) Splicing genes of the herbicide Roundup into corn is another, and there are many, many more. A few years ago the EPA (note, not the FDA) banned some corn products because it was considered too toxic for human consumption, including Kellogg’s Corn Flakes and Taco John taco shells (moreover, many Monarch butterflies died on their migration route through the US as they fed on the corn pollen.) In fact, the biggest problem with GMO’d foods is food allergies, a problem which is skyrocketing as a health issue these days. That’s right, food is now a stressor to your body. Estimates suggest that over 70% of the foods sold in your local grocery store are “Franken-foods,” including corn and corn products (from chips and popcorn to high fructose corn syrup), to soy and soy products, tomatoes, canola oil, sugar beets (table sugar), salmon, pigs and much more. Europe has banned GMO’s. sadly, in this country they are not labeled as such. The politics of food in the US is very dicey (thank you, Monsanto Corporation!) The only way to know you are NOT eating GMO’d food is to buy and eat organic foods. Let the buyer beware!

Stress Tip for the Day:

Time for all of us to clean up our act about the foods we are eating. Your body will thank you. Begin by buying and eating more fruits and veggies, ORGANIC fruits and veggies. Next, if you do eat meat, try to opt for free-range meats. Cows are supposed to eat grasses, not corn. Corn, as we now know is GMO’d. The cows eat this and you eat the cows (hamburger, sirloin, etc.). These toxic chemicals are now in you (and often get stored in your fat tissue). Prefer to eat wild salmon rather than farm bred salmon. And please do yourself a favor and watch this TEDx talk: It may save your life:


Links, Books and Movies Worth Noting:

There is no shortage of information on this topic, but if interested, I highly suggest you start with the book, Seeds of Deception, by Jeffry Smith. Here are a few more links of interest:




Quote for the Day:

“We have entered an era of genetically modified foods, which are just that — genetically mutated foods that are not necessarily better for you. The health implications not only to humans but also to the environment is a hotly contested debate; the introduction of genetically altered food could have serious consequences, such as allergic reactions and increased resistance to certain antibiotics. Two of the prime targets for genetic engineering — soy and corn — are America’s cash crops.”

—Brenda Watson and Leonard Smith, The Detox Strategy: Vibrant Health in 5 Easy Steps

Photo for the Day:

A cornfield in Colorado! Due to the strong winds these days, the pollen from GMO’d corn is now thought to contaminate ALL corn grown in the US, making a mockery of anything called “organic corn.” Just saying…

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