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When people get stressed they tend to bitch, moan and whine—A lot! America, it seems, has become a nation of whiners (A bumper sticker in Boulder reads: Stop Global Whining!) It’s OK to complain every now an then, but not ALL the time! People who complain all the time are really grieving. While grieving is good, grieving all the time is not good. And it certainly isn’t healthy! People who bitch, moan and whine all the time tend to claim victimization about their lives. As the expression goes, “one a victim, twice a volunteer.” A recent news report on NPR cited that over 85 % of the blogs today are nothing more than rants: Angry people who are spewing their anger everywhere. Comments on varoius websites also contain this catharsis of frustration. News events in Haiti should remind us just how good we have it here in America. So give it a rest. Cathart your feelings, but then step back from the whirlpool of negativity (before you fall in) and focus on the positive aspects of your life… and there is much to be happy about.

• Stress Tip of the Day
Eavesdrop on the conversations you engage in and notice how often you fall into the trap of non-stop grieving. Remember, its OK to grieve, but at some point it becomes necessary to let it go—whatever it is. Learn to put a healthy boundary on your bitching (5 mins is a good amount to time to get it out. Anything after that and you hang a sign on your head that says “ I am a victim.”). Anything more than that and you might here the expression, “Would you care for some cheese with your whine?”

• Links Worth Noting:
Sometimes giving to others who are in greater need than we find ourselves lifts us out of our funk. People in Haiti need lots of help… if you are in a position to do so, considering giving whatever you can. Google has organized many legitimate websites…including this one:

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On a nice winter day, I thought it might be nice to gaze upon the Colorado mountains for inspiration. Enjoy!
• Quote for the Day:
“Don’t keystroke unless you can improve the cylience.”
—Brian Luke Seaward

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