Distractions on the Spiritual Path

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The human experience has often been described as a journey, some call it a “spiritual journey;” an evolution of consciousness. It could be said that this evolution of consciousness is one in which one moves from a motivation of fear toward a motivation of love and compassion. Like any hike from point A to B, there are hills and valleys, just as there are obstructions or roadblocks.  Least we forget there are also distractions; things that pull off the path. In simplest terms, distractions begin as attractions. While we all know the merits of stopping to smell the roses, yet pulling off the side of the road indefinitely becomes toxic to the human spirit. In simple terms distractions become addictive behaviors or obsessive-compulsive behaviors. Experts suggest that the newest addiction to hit the culture are now known as “screen addictions;” the addiction to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, texting, Google, and countless other web activities. In Freudian terms, distractions are one big ego fest.
Stress Tip for the Day:
Time to take stock of your life for a moment: Being completely honest with yourself, ask yourself what are some distractions in your life? If you cannon come up with an answer, ask a friend or family member to help identify one for you. Here is a hint: start with your habits with TV watching, Internet use, Facebook updates, or video games. If this side of your life looks clean, examine your eating habits (is food a means to soothe your feelings… with comfort foods?) Honoring the concept of “Healthy boundaries” scale back on one activity/behavior (e.g., computer use, sugar consumption) today (with the hopes to make this reduction a new habit.  Rather than feeding your addiction, try fasting it today. Make a serious effort to move from fear to compassion. End the ego fest!
Links and Books Worth Noting:
Here is a nice on-line article on the topic of distractions.
The books, Stand Like Mountain, Flow Like Water and Quiet Mind, Fearless Heart offer some great insights into the aspects of distractions.
Quote for the Day:
“Happiness can only be found if you can free yourself of all other distractions.” — Saul Bellow
 “Distractions begin as attractions.” — Brian Luke Seaward
Photo for the Day:
While I have many photos to use that will steal your attention, this image posted on Facebook seemed to be the most appropriate. Enjoy!
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