Don’t Forget to Breathe!

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The typical person breathes 14-16 times per minute. When stressed, this number can double, unless the stressed-out person is a breath-holder and forgets to exhale (this really happens, and tends to increase blood pressure and heart rate: the stress response). In a relaxed state, you can breathe comfortably 3-4 times per minute, with slow comfortably deep breaths. Americans tend to be thoracic breathers (with their upper chest) but the most relaxing way to breath is from the abdominal area (with the diaphragm). This is how you sleep at night, from the belly.

Stress Tip for the Day:

Breathing (abdominal breathing) is the easiest technique to promote relaxation. So…take time today for a few deep sighs (deep breaths.) If you have the time, sit quietly 5-10 minutes and do nothing but focusing on slow deep breathing.. your body will thank you.

Quote for the Day:

“There are over 40 different ways to breathe.” —Ancient Chinese proverb

Photo of the Day:

I am in Hawaii right now… doing some work with the returning soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan (the Wounded Warrior Program; a program for soldiers with PTSD and TBI). This trip is not a vacation, but I did manage to catch a beautiful sunset the other night. Enjoy!

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  • Thanks for sharing. Breathing is so basic, it’s easy to forget how important it is to well-being. And thanks for sharing the photo, it was great to focus on it and breathe in the peacefulness of the sunset.

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