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There is a high correlation between simplicity and happiness. The more things that clutter your mind, the greater the chance of feeling overwhelmed. The more responsibilities and possessions you carry, the greater the likelihood to obsess and fret about them. Balance is the key. Experts in the new field of positive psychology are beginning to examine exactly what makes a person happy. While there are many factors, simplicity in one’s life plays a large role in being happy. As a consumeristic 24/7, on demand society with a great standard of living (the envy of the rest of the world), by and large Americans don’t appear to be very happy. Perhaps that is because happiness isn’t a destination or final goal, it’s an attitude; a perception, that you carry in your heart. If there is a saboteur of happiness, most likely it’s the ego. Feelings of inadequacy, desires for more things, and comparisons to others can derail any attempts for locking in the perception of happiness. One key to happiness (and there are many) is to domesticate the ego.

Stress Tip for the Day:
How can one best adopt an attitude of happiness? You can start by simply appreciating all the things you have in your life. Make a list of ten things you are grateful of in your life. Gratitude is considered to be a cornerstone of happiness. As a side note, I met a friend at the post office the other day who told me she met a man who introduced himself as H.H (name goes here). She thought to herself, H. H, does this mean His Holiness? He doesn’t look Tibetan. Seeing the quizzical look, he explained that H.H means, His Happiness. Now here is somebody who knows
how to be happy.
Links/Books/Movies Worth Noting:
One catalyst for people to experience happiness is to listen to enjoyable music. Musical tastes vary considerably from person to person, but as a corollary to the stress tip of the day, please consider compiling a new list of your favorite songs that will put a smile of on your face. Also … tonight (April 7th), Eric Whitacre’s virtual chorus 2.0 will be available on Youtube (no link as of yet). Check it out.

Quote for the Day:
“Ultimately, happiness is your capacity to feel and express love and compassion.” —The Dalai Lama.

Photo for the Day:

I met this woman in Cusco, Peru on a sunny, hot afternoon. From what I could tell, she has had a hard life, but she never let on. Here she sits enjoying an ice cream cone, reminding me that happiness is found in the simplest of things.
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