Earth Songs Documentary Wins Award

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I am elated to announce that Earth Songs received the Award of Excellence at the Indie Fest of 2010. The statue arrived in the mail today. Much better than a statue, however, are some of the accolades from viewers of Earth Songs that I would like to share with you.

For those of you in the Boulder area, there will be a command performance screening on April 8th with live music from some of the musicians who recorded tracks for the films score, (contact me for details at

“Dear Luke, Thank you so much for this beautiful Earth Songs DVD. I am really enjoying it. As a stage IV cancer patient, it brings me lots of healing and relaxation.” —Sue, Q.

“Dr. Seaward, I thought you might like to know that Earth Songs Meditation is included as part of our Wounded Warriors program with the US Army and extremely well received among soldiers with PTSD and TBI. On behalf of the US ARMY, thank you very much for this wonderful Rx for relaxation.” — Roddy S.

“Hi Brian – I am a hospice volunteer and do Comfort Touch for patients and their families. It is gentle touch of the hands and feet. Recently my patient’s wife played your DVD “Earth Songs” during our Comfort Touch session. She indicated it was being played in hospitals and for hospice. He speaks very little. My patient was totally mesmerized with the DVD. He watched the DVD during the whole session. Between Comfort Touch and the DVD he was very calm and relaxed. It worked very well. The images are beautiful and the music very calming and relaxing. I also use this for myself at the end of the day and find it very relaxing and calming after a very stressful workday. Thank you for producing such beautiful DVD’s for people in a very difficult time in their lives can help them deal with illness and transitioning. They are also very good for stress reduction. Namaste” — Pam Morgan

For those of you who might to take a peek at the trailers, please clink on (or cut and paste) the link below.

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